Darjeeling 12th district in country to get ISO-certified DM office

Darjeeling is a popular town in Indian state of West Bengal, which is popularly known as the queen of hill stations, as the land is blessed with natural beauty. This land is located in the Mahabharat range at an average elevation of 6710 feet. The city is noted for its tea industry, and for Darjeeling Himalayas Railway which is called toy train is very popular in the city. This city is also noted for its beauty and for its importance in tourism industry because the land is visited by many thousands of tourists every year and recently Darjeeling is declared as 12 Th district in India to get ISO certified District Magistrate office and it is very honourable for the town.


Darjeeling is popular for providing excellent quality of tea and in tea industry it is India’s most preferred location and in many areas like tourism, agriculture, tea industry and many more. The city is now having ISO certified DM office and we can expect improvement in the facilities provided by the city and to the city also. Darjeeling is well connected by all the transportation facilities such as buses, trains and by air also. New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri are the nearest stations that are located about 88 and 79 km and coming by train is the easiest way to reach. Darjeeling Himalayas Railway is a 60 cm narrow gauge railway that was declared as a World Heritage site in 1999 for being an outstanding example of the influence of the innovative transportation system. Buses services and rented cars and other vehicles connect Darjeeling with Siliguri and other major cities of West Bengal. Because of its uniqueness and importance in many areas, the city is improving day by day.


As the land is blessed with beauty, every year many thousands of tourists visit Darjeeling and that is why hotel facility is needed and the city also provides this facility and because of good services every year tourists are increasing. The town houses many luxury hotels.


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