Located on the foothills of gorgeous Mt. Kanchan Junga, Darjeeling is one of the most picturesque hill stations. This outstanding hill station is located at an elevation of 2134 meters above the mean sea level is very worth to visit and explore. The exotic charm and the natural beauty of this town are beyond the imaginations and truly this town is set like a dream like. Darjeeling is known for its natural wonders, sprawling tea gardens, elegant temples and have mostly been famous for its Himalayan Toy Train. Darjeeling is beautifully bound by the rolling green hills, snow clad mountains and green dense forests which leaves the entire couples and other visitors spell bound on their visit.


The honeymooners floods in this beautiful town for their memorable and delightful vacation in the setting of another lap of nature. This hill town is favoured by cooler climatic conditions which easily entice couples from every length and breadth of the entire globe. Honeymoon in Darjeeling is truly a dream come true experience and the lucky ones come to this beautiful town to celebrate their honeymoon.


Himalayan Toy Train:

Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) lovingly called as Toy Train is one of the prominent attractions and is very worth to explore. The narrow gauge of railway track of two meter is truly amazing. The joy ride easily entice the honeymooners as it moves with very low speed offering the picturesque view of Himalayans, beautiful landscapes, outstanding sceneries, flora etc. which easily entice the couples and offer them a romantic approach. Honestly speaking no honeymoon or any Tours to Darjeeling is very worth or completed until the joy ride is enjoyed.


This is one of the major tourist places in Darjeeling and is located close to the main town of Darjeeling. Chowrasta is one of the beautiful places from where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the gorgeous enormous Mt. Kanchan Junga, green rolling hills, picturesque villages and the tourist also can enjoy a pony ride here. The best time to be here is in the evening as it seems the entire Darjeeling gathers here and enjoy the evening. This beautiful place is dotted with magnificent restaurants, pub, bars and many alike. The small stalls selling tea, coffee and the lovely cuisines of Darjeeling are very amazing and worth to taste.


There are many hotels in the city but choosing among them is a tedious job. For this purpose one can take help of various online travel portals. These travel portals have a keen eye of all the hotels and have rates which are much less than those of hotels.


Let’s feel the charm of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the very beautiful hill station which is located in the state of west Bengal. It is the very popular tourist destination in India that is visited by number of tourists from all over the world. Darjeeling is noted for its tea industry that produces one of the world’s finest tea and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is counted as a world heritage site by UNESCO.


It comes under eastern Himalaya that makes it wonderful destination in India. It is the place where everyone desire to go. It is surrounded by the numerous high mountains, chilling springs, sloppy peaks, unspoilt forests. When you enter in Darjeeling you may think that God has sanctified all the nature’s beauty on Darjeeling only. There is not any parameter to map the beauty of Darjeeling.

Main Places in Darjeeling

• Tiger Hill

• Buddhist monasteries

• Himalayan Zoo

• Rock Garden

• Japanese Peace Pagoda

• Nightingale Park/Srubbery Park

All these places are very famous places in Darjeeling. As Darjeeling has the pleasant weather throughout the year. It attracts both the domestic and international tourists. The whole economy of Darjeeling is depending upon the timber, tea and the tourism. Darjeeling is a famous destination for Bollywood and Bengali film shooting. That generates the need of hotels in Darjeeling. It has all categories of hotels.


As this place is quite popular among the tourist you will get several 5 star hotels in Darjeeling anywhere in the whole region. Most of the tourists visit this place by four-wheel drive. Land rovers, especially, are the choice of tourists. They can easily serpentine through the steep and sometimes narrow roads of the hill.

It’s Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the most picturesque hill towns which are located in the state of West Bengal, and lovingly this hill town is identified as the Queen of Hill Stations. Located on the Indo Nepal border and is beautifully nestled in the foothills of Mt. Kanchan Junga. This beautiful hill town is beautifully endowed by the snow clad mountains, green dense forests, pines and ferns and green sprawling hills. This beautiful hill town has a rich heritage, diverse culture and the fascinating lifestyle of the visitors easily attracts tourists from all over the globe. The beautiful hotels, resorts on the beautiful green hills offer world class amenities and the luxury and the comforts truly offer any visitors a very delightful and easygoing vacation.


The wide varieties of tourist attractions speckled in this hill town are truly magnificent and astounding which easily attracts visitors from every length and breadth of the globe. The exotic charm and the magnificent beauty of this hill town are truly worth to visit and explore. Visiting Darjeeling and enjoy a peaceful vacation in the abundant lap of nature. Some of the major tourist attractions and destinations to visit along with Darjeeling tour packages are as follows:


The magnetism tiger hill is located just 11 km away from the main town and is truly very worth to visit and explore. This is an ideal place for the visitors as to start the tour to Darjeeling. Tiger Hill in Darjeeling will offer you amazing experience and this is an astounding sightseeing spot in where the visitors floods early in the morning to see the glory of sunrise. As the sun rises it offers an amazing view of the entire surroundings as if everything is capped with gold and the site of Kanchan Junga truly looks mesmerizing. The view of the surroundings as the sun rises is truly very amazing and out of the world to explore. The golf ground, picturesque lakes and the Senchel temple are truly mesmerizing and worth to visit as visiting Tiger Hill.


Honestly speaking you will lose to the world of serenity as you once explore the ride on the scintillating Darjeeling Himalayan Train lovingly identified as the Toy Train. The ride on the toy train easily will elate the visitor’s heart and soul. This Toy Train is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and this truly is a sheer wonder as easily will overcast a magical spell on your visit to this scenic hill town. The Darjeeling Toy Train truly enhances the importance of Darjeeling tourism. Apart from these beautiful attractions Darjeeling is speckled with many beautiful attractions such as Chowrasta, Mall, Rope way, Observatory hill and much alike which truly are sheer wonder to visit and explore. If you wish to stay in the city than 5 star hotels in the city are worth a shot.

Darjeeling 12th district in country to get ISO-certified DM office

Darjeeling is a popular town in Indian state of West Bengal, which is popularly known as the queen of hill stations, as the land is blessed with natural beauty. This land is located in the Mahabharat range at an average elevation of 6710 feet. The city is noted for its tea industry, and for Darjeeling Himalayas Railway which is called toy train is very popular in the city. This city is also noted for its beauty and for its importance in tourism industry because the land is visited by many thousands of tourists every year and recently Darjeeling is declared as 12 Th district in India to get ISO certified District Magistrate office and it is very honourable for the town.


Darjeeling is popular for providing excellent quality of tea and in tea industry it is India’s most preferred location and in many areas like tourism, agriculture, tea industry and many more. The city is now having ISO certified DM office and we can expect improvement in the facilities provided by the city and to the city also. Darjeeling is well connected by all the transportation facilities such as buses, trains and by air also. New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri are the nearest stations that are located about 88 and 79 km and coming by train is the easiest way to reach. Darjeeling Himalayas Railway is a 60 cm narrow gauge railway that was declared as a World Heritage site in 1999 for being an outstanding example of the influence of the innovative transportation system. Buses services and rented cars and other vehicles connect Darjeeling with Siliguri and other major cities of West Bengal. Because of its uniqueness and importance in many areas, the city is improving day by day.


As the land is blessed with beauty, every year many thousands of tourists visit Darjeeling and that is why hotel facility is needed and the city also provides this facility and because of good services every year tourists are increasing. The town houses many luxury hotels.